Well, I realise I have not contributed many posts to the blog over the last week or so, but basically this is because of a few things that have happened. Firstly, my fella had a bad cycling accident which basically left all the bones in his face broken and pretty much lucky to be alive, and secondly, my Nanna died 🙁  It was basically a matter of time, but it’s still a hard time.

It’s amazing how things can try to have a negative effect on you when you are drawing near to God. Not saying that this happens all the time, but, I guess I have had a long period of not really being as close to God as I would like, but I knew God stretched out His grace and drew me close to Him again. Whether this was because He knew what was coming so I could remain steadfast in Him, I don’t know, all I do know, is that God is my father and I love Him very much.

I’ve just got to say though, that when Jesus said Matthew 5:4:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted

I can really testify to that. Once I had received the phone call of the news of my nanna, I was obviously upset, and I felt as though I was just receiving a hug from Jesus, I really did. I just wanted to testify to that.

I also want to confirm my faith in a new chapter that is coming up in my life. Its a strange post in comparison to how I normally post in this blog, as it’s quite personal, but by saying I have faith and believe the outcome, I am reaffirming my faith in God and stating that the recent events have not shaken my faith in Him.

I tell you, God is fantastic, He really is and I am so glad that I know Him, He truly is wonderful and if you reading this blog and you do not know Him, I tell you, you really need to get to know Him, no one can prove to you about God’s existence, you can only find that out for yourself and lets face it, if you ask and nothing happens, then what have you lost? You don’t need an audience to ask Jesus to be a part of your life and tell Him that you want to know Him, so it’s not like your going to be embarrassed about it all.

I’m so glad I asked, and I just believed that when I asked that Jesus heard me and it was from there that I had a relationship with Him, and you just know that you know that you know that Jesus is real. He’s great anyway, He will show you.

Anyway, how did I get onto that? Infact, it’s like if you have something that is really great, you want to share it with others, well, that’s what it’s like with God, I have something that is really great and it’s something that I can share. It’s Jesus 😉