Habakkuk is really interesting when we relate it to our own walk with God.

It is only 3 chapters long, so quick to read (Although may prove hard to understand initially)

What struck me here is that Habakkuk is complaining to God because he thinks God is allowing wickedness to continue without Justice; he is judging by what he sees rather than who God is. He can’t understand why God isn’t punishing the wicked and allowing a more wicked nation to overcome a less wicked nation.

God answers Habakkuk and reminds him of who He is and assures him that the wicked will be punished, but in His timing, not when Habakkuk thinks it should happen.

God assures him that righteousness will come at its appointed time, and when the appointed time comes, it will not delay.. the proud live by their own doings but the righteous shall live by faith Habakkuk 2:3-4

Once God has replied to Habakkuk, reminded him of who He is, Habakkuk then goes on to proclaim Gods greatness and eventually ends up praising God.

So how do the events of Habakkuk apply to us today? (I’m sure there is more.. but this is what spoke to me)

Habakkuk was looking at a situation and thought God was ignoring it and allowing it to continue, just as the fish of sea have no ruler and are allowed to do as they please, Habakkuk applied to same idea to man having no ruler and allowed to do as they pleased. Habakkuk 1:14

God basically told Habakkuk that He has an appointed time and God has control over what is going on.

We can sometimes look at our own situation and judge God by our own situations, thinking He has forgotten us, or not interested in what is going on.. yet God assures Habakkuk that He is in control and the outcome of things will be in accordance to His wisdom and timing and not our own.

I love that in Habakkuk 2:20 it says let all the earth be silent before Him.. in other words, God knows exactly what He is doing and no man can stand and question God about what He is doing.

Not only that, I love that although Habakkuk begins with complaints (Like we do sometimes) once he is reminded of who God is, and starts proclaiming truths of who God is, his spirit is built up and then he moves into faith in God and rejoicing in who God is and his eyes are no longer on the situation!

This is definitely something that we can apply to our own lives when we are in times where we look at the situation rather than looking and trusting God regarding our situations.

This builds me up.. the righteous live by faith.. not by what we see within our own circumstances. 🙂