Well, it’s now Tuesday and I am just about recovering from tiredness from trying to sleep in a tent all week at Faith 2010.

Faith Camp is Kingdom Faith Ministries annual christian camp which is held in the Peterborough showground where people turn up from countries all over the world.

We had people from Italy, Spain, Gambia, Europe and tons of other places… It was just fantastic to be in such a great faith environment where God was there doing some wonderful things in people’s lives.

We saw people being healed, set free, filled with the Holy Spirit as well as lots of people getting saved. It truly was a God filled week where many will go back to their homes and churches feeling revived and ready for the work God has for them to do over the coming year.

For me personally, it was great to catch up with some old friends as well as meeting some new friends. I loved being amongst fellow christians where we could worship the Lord together.. and the worship was great and anointed!

God was at work during the worship as well as speaking to us through His word.

I’m going to follow up with a few posts regarding some books that I bought whilst I was there, especially with the release of the Study version of The Truth New Testament.

It really was a great week and I’m thankful to God for all the wonderful things He did in peoples lives during that week. What a mighty God we serve!