Transition… this is a word I have heard a few people say of late. They may not be referring to the same situation, but they still class themselves in transition; either in their relationship with God, they may recognise that they are entering a new phase or stage in their relationship or it could be more of a physical transition in moving job or home.

It’s times like this when you really know how much you lean and trust in God. If I look at what I am doing outside of God, well, I can very easily crumble and panic – and there are times when I peek into my situation and do just that, my heart ends up in my mouth. If I was standing on a tight rope, it would be the time when I would start to lose my balance and the rope would begin to wobble, but I have to remind myself that I cannot look or peek at my situation, I need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

You know, God never leaves us Deut. 31:6, and even at times when I try to peek at my situation and say to God, “Lord, it’s in your hands”, He quickly reminds me of scriptures such as if He cares so much about the birds in the air, how much more is He going to care for me, and even Solomon wasn’t dressed as well as the lilies of the field are. Matthew 6:28-29

God looks after His creation, so how much more will He look after us, His children.

When your eyes are fixed on Jesus and not on the situation, there is a peace…a knowing, knowing that all will be taken care of, faith is restored and you realise God is a lot greater than your situation and He is big enough to make sure everything turns out just as He intends it to.

I am reminded that I am not doing what I am doing because it is something I want to do.. I am doing what I am doing because it is something God has commanded me to do.

I am willing to do what God tells me because there is nothing else for me except to be in His will. I’ve tried living my life outside of His will, and it is a road I never want to venture down again..been there, done that yet no T-shirt because even that wouldn’t fit.

Stepping out and trusting God is in a sense the worst position you can be in, and the best position you can be in. The flesh hates it, the spirit loves it. I love exercising my faith, but at the same time, the flesh wants to panic…I’ve decided my faith and trust in God is enough.. the details may want to overcome me, but details don’t matter when your eyes are on Jesus.

It’s funny how the flesh will have you think that you can drown in your situation but when your eyes are fixed on Jesus, you just know you are on a path which is a great journey and there is so much more happening than just what I see.

It might not be a completely fitting saying, but I have noticed that when God is at work, He does more than ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone”, not a brilliant saying I know, but when God is at work, He is doing many things at one time.. He is taking care of the details, He is building up my faith, He is setting foundations of things to come, He is building me up, He is preparing me for what lays ahead…

The flesh tells me, look, how you gonna sort all this out…my spirit tells me.. trust in God, keep your eyes fixed on Him, how much more is He going to take care of you.. watch and see what The Lord is going to do and see how much Glory you are going to give Him at the end of it.

Proverbs 3:5

Praise God and what a wonderful and brilliant God I serve!

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia