We are so lucky to have had so many men and women of God to learn from, past and present! I don’t know how many times I have probably already said it, but these people are the folk we can learn so much from.

I remember someone telling me once, that a person we both knew had experienced the power of God by raising someone from the dead, I was blown away when I was told this because I knew the person who was being talked about, so it wasn’t just a story read out of a book by someone I would probably never meet either because it was way before my time or someone who doesn’t live in this country, it was someone I have the honour of knowing.

When I was told about this, I was asked not to say anything because they don’t like talking about it. (Off course, this was the opinion they were of, not something I had heard from the horse’s mouth), at the time I thought to myself, yes, I can understand that, it was something so awesome and so powerful, that you probably wouldn’t feel worthy of even discussing it. However, a while later, I thought, hang on, if God has done something as awesome as that, then how will God be glorified in it if no-one speaks of it?

This reminds me of when Jesus cast out demons who called themselves “Legion” because there were so many of them, out of a man who had been possessed for goodness knows how long, and when Jesus cast the demons out of him, the man was again his normal self. He asked Jesus if he could go with Him, but Jesus said no, he was to go back to his town and tell the people of what the Lord had done for him, this was so that they knew that the people would talk about Jesus and in doing so, God would be glorified.

I asked the person themselves about this experience, and needless to say, they did speak about it, and it was awesome to hear it and I thank God for the awesome job that He did, not only in raising a person from the dead, but encouraging someone’s faith and belief in Him that they would be used as a channel to perform such a miracle, imagine how encouraged and privileged and how much closer they would have been to Jesus after experiencing such a thing, Praise God!

Now, if it were me, and God used me to raise someone from the dead, I think I would freak out and do a runner! (I’m joking Lord – “Yes” He say’s “Why do you think I have not used you in that way?“)

Just think, if God didn’t make me in His image, I wouldn’t have a sense of humour!