How would you describe ‘Gods desire’ if the only evidence you could draw from was your home church and your personal life? (bolding by me)

I sat and thought about this for a second, and then thought about general things one might come up with regarding what God desires etc… and then realised the question asked for EVIDENCE... What evidence is there in your life or church that shows what God desires? Its a question that needs more than a second to think about me thinks.

I can’t answer this from a perspective of ‘home church’ since I am still ‘in transistion’ from God leading me from a place where I had fallen away to bringing me back to him.. although I am back in His will (and there ain’t no other place I wanna be), but still waiting to be uprooted and planted in the sea!

I figure there are many things that rush to mind when we think of what God desires, but what evidence is there in my life which shows me what God desires? I think I know ‘some’ of the answer to this question.

To Fellowship With Him

Ultimately – sounds a bit cliche, but God loves me, so he want’s me to be in fellowship with him. I remember not long after the Lord bought me back into line with Him, I was having sometime with Him and he told me to have communion – my reaction of course was ‘Lord, I don’t have any wine’.. and the Lord was like ‘you have squash’..(as if it mattered what it was), but that was the first time in years that I had communion, in my living room,  just me and the Lord, and when I did it, I just had such an overwhelming feeling of fellowship and love and union with the Lord, it was just wonderful.

To Know Him

The second thing that comes to mind which I believe shows evidence of Gods desire is for me to know him. Since the Lord drew me back to Him he gave me such a hunger for His word. I’ve had bibles in my house for years, and when I wasn’t in His will, I was never interested in reading or learning about anything to do with the Bible, but God gave me such a unquenchable thirst for His word, everyday I have been in the Word, learning more about scripture, what things mean, how things come together. I had such a thirst that I even tried to do an online theology course… I quickly became bored to tears with it… and I think it was because when the Holy Spirit teaches you, He will direct you to what he wants you to learn, yet if you do a theology course, you are directed to what the course writers want you to learn…and it quickly became more like work rather than joy. The Holy Spirit certainly is the BEST TEACHER!

To Be Equipped

I’ve know I’ve said it over and over again in a few of my posts, but its just something that has been drilled into me – we must know the Word in order to know when it is not being preached correctly. I’ve been a Christian since I was 12yrs old. That was 29 yrs ago, yet when the Lord bought me back to him a year and a half ago, I felt like I didn’t know anything. It was like things had moved in a totally different direction to how they were when I went away into my own thing 14yrs ago. It was like I had to learn a whole lot of stuff, and over this last year and a half it is as though God has sat me down in the classroom and taught me stuff and bought me up to speed with a whole lot of other stuff.

If I was to put it in a picture, if you imagine an army soldier, who has to put on alot of equipment before he goes out in the field. Well, my image is me sat in a chair and someone else is placing all that equipment on me because there is so much of it before I can stand up and go out into the field. Thats exactly what it feels like.

We often hear about army soldiers who are expected to go out into the field yet they either don’t have the right equipment or not enough of what they need… God is NOT LIKE THAT… God fully equips us to GO OUT and fulfill what he requires of us. We may not always know what it is we are supposed to be doing.. I don’t fully.. I have an idea, but in my experience, the things I think usually end up only a small percentage right…I know I am being equipped for something, just not fully sure what.. but I guess I’m on a need to know basis and right now I don’t need to know, I just need to do as I am told and learn what I need to learn.

So what evidence is there in my life which shows what God desires? To fellowship with Him, To know Him and to be equipped by him to Serve him.

I have just also been reminded that in all of those things… TO PRAISE HIM ABOVE ALL THINGS.

So there is my answer… what’s yours?