It’s interesting how God can use normal everyday things to speak to us.

I was just doing stuff on my computer and my son was playing a football game on his Wii. As I looked over, I was watching what he was doing but also watching what the other players were doing on the pitch. I just thought to myself, not all the players have the ball at the same time, but they are there in a good position, ready and prepared for when the ball come’s their way.

I also realised, that every player on the pitch has a part to play in the whole game. This kind of followed on from my earlier post Took you long enough. Thinking about the church, we all have different parts to play and we all need to be ready and prepared to be effective whenever God wants to use us.

Not only that, in a football match, if one player is sent off, the whole team is affected and the play isn’t as good as it would have been with a full team. Everyone else has to work alot harder to keep the game afloat.

If we are not being effective in ways that we should be in the church, then it affects the church as a whole. I mean, God is still going to accomplish what he set out to do, because no-one can thwart the plans of the Lord. Isaiah 14:27. In other words, the plans and purposes that God has cannot be stopped by anyone!

Although you cannot stop what God has purposed, if he calls you to be a part of something, then it is HIS will that you function in that calling. As well as that, if you have faith that God will outwork his will in your life, then no MAN can stop you from fulfilling your calling.

It reminds me of when I went to Hong Kong for the first time when I was 19 yrs old. I read a book by Jackie Pullinger; Chasing The Dragon, and from reading that, I had a real desire to go to Hong Kong. I prayed and asked God if I could go, and I believed he said yes. Because I knew it was ok with God to go, I knew he would provide everything I needed to enable me to go. God did exactly that, he provided for me financially as well as prepared my family for me going to another part of the world for 6 months.

The support I didn’t get was from my own pastor at church. I had support from friends and family (I don’t mean financial support, I mean support and encouragement that I was stepping out into something with God *insert another bracket here.. my family were not saved, they supported me as any good family would). I’m not dissing the pastor or anything, I just knew that he didn’t believe that I was serious about going and I’m guessing he just thought it would never happen. Well, I knew different!

If God says something to you yet other people give you the impression that it’s just a pipe dream or something not taken seriously, don’t listen to them! Remain steadfast in God and in relationship with Him, because God is the one that matters, if He says something, then you can be sure it will happen because no one can stop his plans and:

God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?

Numbers 23:19

Your relationship with God is between you and God, it doesn’t matter what other people may say to you as long as you know what God is saying. Your trust is in God, not in man.

Of course, we can get it wrong sometimes, so it is always wise if you are unsure to ask God for confirmation of things. He will give it to.

I would just add, that when I did end up going, I did then get alot of support from that pastor, and infact, when I came back after the 6 months, he did apologise etc.. but that’s by the by. There are no issues about it now, and I guess there wasn’t really any then for me either, because I had security in knowing that it was going to happen. PRAISE GOD!

It’s amazing really that God knows the desires of our hearts, and sometimes, he just lets us do stuff because he knows we desire it and not only that, if he is gonna let you do something, then he is going to make sure you have everything you need so that you can do it.

Do we have an awesome God or what! PRAISE JESUS!.. and everybody said.. AMEN! 😉