No, there is no mis-spelling in the title, it’s quite interesting how even the title of this post shows the difference between what it is to pray and seek the Lord for a miracle, or be under the illusion that you can pay for a miracle.

Although there have been throughout biblical history false prophets and teachers who claim they are speaking in the name of the Lord (Thus say’s the Lord) it is a sure fact that we seem to be inundated with them these days.

It is no surprise that we are told in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to test and prove all things until you can recognise what is good.

It has been on my heart just lately how so many people are being decieved by false teaching. I have watched a few people who claim to be speaking on behalf of God who actually are not speaking on Gods behalf at all, including some well known ministers who are trusted by Gods people.

Check some of these out:

  • Sow into our ministry and within 1 year you will receive financial blessing
  • Bring your offering to the alter for your healing
  • Send a financial gift for a prophetic word
  • If you don’t give a financial gift to God, you will not get your miracle

Do any of these sound familiar?

If we look at these closely, none of these statements represent a God who loves us. They represent something whereby a bribe is used for you to give your money in order to receive a blessing from God.

When a child grazes their knee, do you tell them to pay for the plaster before you will aid them? Do you ask them for money before you will give them a hug? Of course you don’t. 

I watched a few videos on YouTube of people promoting this kind of strategy in order for people to give their money to receive something from God. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us we have to pay for a blessing. What the Bible does say is that we have walk in OBEDIENCE to the Lord and we will be blessed.

I watched a woman who was so desperate to hear something from God, she went to a meeting where she was told she would need to give $31 in order to hear a message from God (The next meeting was $250). She couldn’t get the money out of her account, so went to her boss for the money. She went to the meeting and could not even feed her child before she went. She told this to the “Prophets” who took her money and told her she would be blessed because of her sacrifice. My heart broke for her and for her child, and I thought, if my heart breaks for her, how much more does Gods heart break for her?

This is a complete misrepresentation of who God is. This woman was lead to believe that she had to give these false prophets her money to get close to God. She trusted these guys and believed that they were so close to God, that if she obeyed them and did as they asked, she would receive something from God.

This strategy is subtly taken on by so many false teachers and speakers that people are getting a wrong idea of who God is.

I watched another video of a large conference that was being held by a guy who claims to have a healing ministry, people were going to his meetings, because they believed they saw people getting healed. The video showed a guy, who had travelled 300 miles to make the meeting with his sick child. He was so desperate for his child to be healed, that he would have gone to any lengths to see his child made whole. Of course, this didn’t happen, so the guy went off with his child unhealed. Again, my heart completely broke.

My heart broke because the guy was believing in something through desperation. He so desperately wanted his child to be healed, he would believe anyone who claimed they were speaking Gods word and would have given everything he had if asked of him. He was completely deceived. Yet the truth is, God has every desire to heal his child, but they were looking in the wrong direction. The guy who claimed to have the healing ministry was not working on Gods behalf, so God could not heal that child and in so doing affirm something that was not of Him.

What surprised me on both of these occasions was the amount of people who just accepted that God was there. I mean real people of God, yet they did not see that what was happening was not of God. This was evident to me because there was no sense of love for people or any representation of who God is or his love. No one was questioning what was happening, they just accepted it.

Let me tell you, when the devil works, it is very rarely obvious, infact, it is very subtle which is why some can miss it. It is why we need to be so close to God so that we recognise when something that is going on or being said is not how God works. As I watched and listened to what was going on in these meetings, a guy started calling down Angels! People were so involved with what was going on, they began calling for the Angels too! Immediately I thought, hang on, I’ve never called for angels, why are they doing that? Basically, it didn’t sit right with me. We don’t call for Angels to come into the meeting; we call for Jesus and the Holy Spirit! 

Another meeting I watched where there was a guy who calls himself a prophet, was in a large meeting and giving words to those on the platform and some on the front rows of the stadium, I’m talking about people who claim to walk with the Lord, and then the ‘Prophet’ shouts out “The angel of the Lord is healing you now!”. There were thousands of people in that meeting, I mean THOUSANDS, people who had either gone for a miracle or to hear trusted teaching and meet with the Lord, people who loved the Lord and immediately when I heard this, my spiritual alarm bells started to clang. The angel of the Lord is healing someone? Huh? Angels don’t heal! Jesus does through His Holy Spirit. Exodus 15:26 For I AM the Lord that heals you. There is no mention anywhere in scripture of an angel healing anyone!

You see why 1 Thessalonians 5:21 is so important for us? False prophets and teachers will tell you things which seem to fit in with scripture, but if you stay alert, you will notice that they infact twisting scripture and mis-representing the truth.

When well-known ministers tell you to give into their ministry and in that same year God will give back to you 100 fold, they are misrepresenting what God says. People are giving thousands into ministries to buy back 100 fold of what they give, and believe me, the ONLY person who is getting rich, is the one asking for the money!

Here is where it stems from: Genesis 26:12

Isaac planted a seed and in that same year, he received back 100 fold of what he had given.

Now here is the IMPORTANT bit – Why did Isaac sow a seed in that land? He planted that seed because he had already received a promise from God. Genesis 26:2-6. There was a famine in that land and Isaac was about to move out of the Land, but God told him not to. The Lord told him to stay right where he was because God was going to bless him in that land.

Imagine that, there is a famine all around, meaning no food, so the normal thing to do if you can is to move out of that land to where there is no famine, but God told Isaac not to. Isaac OBEYED God, and because of his obedience, God blessed him.

Lets also look at Elijah 1 Kings 17 where there was a famine in the land and God commanded the ravens to feed him and drink from the brook. When the brook dried up, God told him to go to Zarephath where an old woman would feed him.

Now this is where you pay attention.

There was a famine in the land, no food, an old woman who lived with her son had food enough for just one last meal, after which, she knew her and her son would die. Then, this guy turns up and asks the woman for food. She tells the man as surely as God lives, she has enough food for one last meal for herself and her son and they expect to die. Elijah tells the woman to prepare the meal, but to give him something to eat first because as surely as God lives the food will not run out. The woman did as he had said.

Here is the thing, God had already told that old woman a man was going to come and she was to feed him. When that old woman did as Elijah asked, although she knew it was her last meal, she gave out of obedience to God, not because of the promise of Elijah. Understand? Because she obeyed the Lord to give, God blessed her and that food never ran out until the famine had ended. 3 years in all! If God had not told her to give, yet she gave away her food simply because Elijah told her to, she would have died as she expected, but because she acted in obedience to God and not the request of man, she was blessed.

Of course it is right for us to sow into ministries, but only when you know it is God telling you to do so. You cannot receive from God because of the promises of man. There is also nothing wrong with giving into a ministry because you want to bless that ministry, but when you give because you have a need and someone tells you that your need will be answered if you give them money, that is when it becomes wrong and misleading.

Don’t mix up what I am saying here as though you should not give into churches and ministries, because you absolutely should, as we are all a part of the calling to fulfill Gods purposes in our nations and part of that is giving finance, but only because we are under the direction of God, not because we are believing a promise made by man.

God has provided for me financially before so that I can walk in obedience to him, I did not have to sow money in order to fulfil Gods plan in my life, but I did have to give up some stuff. God is never going to ask anything of you that he knows you cannot give. God would not ask that woman to give those prophets $31 and allow her child to go unfed in order to receive a word from Him. God is not like that! She certainly did not receive a word from God.

So remember, test everything and hold on to what is good.