I remember not long after I had become a Christian that I had the thought, If God made us, who made God?

Well, my lad who is 8 years old, just came to me and said “Mum, got a question, you know that God made everybody, and the world…” It was at this point, I knew what he was going to ask “If God made us, who made God?”

It kind of intrigued me that he asked the question for some reason, because I remember when the question came to me. What it told me was that my lad was thinking about God and delving a bit deeper into who God was. I tried to explain that no one made God, because God has always been there. It was a little difficult for him to understand the concept that there was no creation before God, that God created the concept of creation (I sound confusing to myself) but I think he got the jist of it.

Just made me smile really.

There was something else I was going to blog about, wrote it down in notepad but didn’t save it because I thought I would remember it – look at me now, I can’t remember what it was!

*note to self: Keep a note of things!*