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It’s quite amazing how the words come for these pages. I was reading through some stuff that God gave me years ago that I had written down in notepads, and one of the things I wrote was:

“Have I not given you a purpose to fulfill, will I not stand with you child in all that you do in my name?”

Although I know God gave me a heart to do this site, it’s not one of the easiest things I have tried to do. It’s really important to me that the site is putting across the messages God wants and not things that I conjure up myself, what would be the point in doing that, what would it accomplish? Nothing. So it is important I am listening to God when writing the words that come out on the site, the site is here for one purpose, to MAKE JESUS KNOWN.

Actually, reading there what God gave me was really encouraging. Sometimes we can fall in our walk with God, and getting back with God is a journey on its own. You are learning faith all over again, faith in God, faith that He will open the right doors, you can speak to anyone about your situation, but at the end of the day, its only God who knows whats going to happen and its only having faith in Him which enables you to rely on things not in the flesh, but in the Spirit.

Even when there seems no way, God makes the way, the path has already been prepared, but God wants nothing wasted, the journey of faith teaches us to rely on God, and faith in God brings blessing, the blessing comes when your faith is rewarded. In every venture we take in our walk with God, the blessing is coming to the end of that venture, looking back at what God has taught you through it, and living in the outcome knowing it was something that you and God did together.

The blessing is being drawn closer to God in every challenge that we come through, knowing God more, being closer to the heart of God, understanding more of who God is. There are no earthly treasures that can compare with that, getting to know God, and having Him draw you closer to him is worth more than this world has to offer.

Most of the time these ventures have a cost, a cost to your fleshly wants and desires.

Knowing God means making sacrifices, it really is like dying to self but making you alive in Christ, there really is no other better walk in life than that, and if at anytime you fall from God for whatever reason, know that there is a way back to Him, and He will make sure you find it, and once you do, you will come back a different person, and your desire for God will be incredible.

You will have a better understanding of Gods grace and His mercy, but He will draw you close to His heart and cover you with His love. We have a desire to be close to God, but God also has a desire to be close to us, praise His Holy name!

God truly is Amazing.