I’ve been thinking recently about the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we have as christians and how the devil tries to rob us from the promises of God.

Well, first of all, the devil cannot take away the promises of God, but what he can do is make us think we are not living in those promises or make them out to belong to all the big names in the ministry and not for us.

You know, God never calls anyone to be a spectator! When you become a christian, you are not there to spectate and sit back and watch what other people are doing for the Lord. When you became a christian, all the promises of God applied to you as you became  a child of God. This means that you can lay claim to these promises and walk daily in relationship with God living in the promises that He gave you.

One of the things that is becoming more clear to me is that although I am walking, living, and breathing as a person on the earth, I am in actual fact, a part of the Kingdom of God. It’s as if heaven is already my home and I should live as a person who is already living in the Kingdom of God. I don’t have to wait until I my earthly body dies before I begin to live as I would in the kingdom, I am already in the Kingdom! When I became a christian, that was when I can start to live as a kingdom person!

We don’t all grasp this revelation as soon as we are born into the kingdom, I didn’t! But I do know now that it is something I am beginning to realise and understand, and as well as that, the desire is rising up inside of me to walk in relationship with Jesus now as I would imagine to do if I was already in heaven.  Infact, I am already seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus Ephesians 2:6

All the things that Jesus promised us as well as God apply to us today, we are not called to be spectators, we are called to be doers in the kingdom, to live according the way that Jesus wants us to live so that we can be faithful to Him and walk in obedience whenever he asks anything of us. Through faith, because we are walking in relationship with Him.

Having a close and intimate relationship with God is vital to your daily walk as a christian. If  you are not keeping close to God, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the lies of the devil. This is how he can rob the promises God has given to us. The last thing the devil wants you to realise is your authority over him. Jesus gave you authority over the devil so that you could break down strongholds in your life as well as having faith in God for the things that  you need.

Let me tell you, no man can thwart the plans of the Lord, but any man in Christ can thwart the plans of the devil! Whatever the devil has planned for you or for a situation, you can mess up those plans before the devil can even get started! Jesus has given  you AUTHORITY and  POWER in His name over the devil! The devil would like you to think that you don’t have that kind of power over him, but infact, it is a complete lie, because Jesus already told us we have!

Luke 10:17-20

Then the seventy returned with joy, saying “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name.” And he said to them, I saw satan fall like lighting from heaven. “Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice that your names are written in the book of life”.

So, we have been given authority over the devil, but as far as Jesus is concerned, it is far more important to rejoice in the fact that you are saved and  your name is written in the book of life, in other words, having authority over the devil is not really a big deal in Jesus’ eyes, it’s a natural part of who you are in Him, however, the devil doesn’t want you to know that, imagine that, having authority over the devil in your life, town, city etc and you go around messing up his plans! The authority to do so is already given to you, you  have the authority to use the power in the name of Jesus!

It got me to thinking, how many people go to church on a Sunday and just sit there, not realising they have a part to play in what God is doing in their church? How many people sit and think, “oh, that word can’t be for me”, let me tell you, if you are called to be a part of that church, then the word that is given IS FOR YOU! God doesn’t call people to be a part of the body and then only speak to a select few, if God wants to move a church forward in His purposes, then that means he wants to move YOU forward too!

There are no spectators in the body of Christ!

These are some of the things that we need to realise, take hold of, claim and LIVE! We may not always be sure of the how’s, but that’s why we stay in close relationship with God and are taught by the Holy Spirit!

It is just a matter of realising that you are a part of the body. Each part of the body has a function, there is no part that is left out, every part is important. So first of all, take hold of that and secondly, realise that God has given you everything you need to help you walk in relationship with Him as well as breaking strongholds which are holding you back from fulfilling the vision and calling that God has given you.

You know what Jesus did when He was 40 days in the wilderness, everytime the devil came to him with a lie, Jesus hit right back at the devil with the truth! That is exactly what we must do. Everytime the devil lies to you, you smack him right back with the truth! If you don’t recognise what is the truth when the devil lies to you about something, you can be bound by that lie, so you need to recognise the lie, and then remember what is true, and then the truth will set you free! John 8:32