I was thinking tonight (yes, it does happen occasionally) about God’s provision. There are 2 distinct times in my life when God has provided for me (He has provided alot more than that, but there are 2 that stands out). One was when I was 19 and one when I was 22.

When I was 19, I read Jackie Pullingers book “Chasing the Dragon” (basically means taking drugs). If you have never read it, it’s basically talking about Triad gangs (like the mafia in Hong Kong) and ex Triads who had taken to drugs and how they would be bought to Jesus and Jesus would set them free.

This book gave me a desire to go to Hong Kong and work with these drug addicts and gang members, but infact what happened was I ended up getting accepted into a Bible College with Y.W.A.M in Hong Kong. Now the thing was, I was 19, just in an average paid job with very little surplus at the end of the month, yet this 6 month trip was going to cost £3k. There was no way that I could get this kind of money, yet, I knew I was going to Hong Kong. (Go Figure).

Well, this is a great example of this scripture – when you ask God for something according to His will, He hears you. and because He hears you, you have what you have asked for – this is because it is His will that you have it.

(It’s a funny concept really, God is basically saying, I want you to have this (or do this), but you need to know that I want you to have it. So I am waiting for you to ask, and when you do, you will know that you will have it, because you know I already want you to have it – God says it better than I do 😉 )

From the time of asking God for provision and when it was time to jump on a plane to Hong Kong, I saw God provide for me financially. Infact, he provided more than I asked for. (God knew what I needed to do His will, so He made provision for the things I didn’t know I needed.). The funny thing was, even when all the finances hadn’t yet come in, I still knew I was going.

There wasn’t any doubt, and this was clear to people. Not everyone believed I would be going, some did doubt and because of this, I didn’t get support from the people when really, I should have. This was a testament of faith to these people and to never underestimate God!

This was also a testament to my family who didn’t know God, because they also saw provision come in for me to go to Hong Kong. (I did have their support which was a big deal for my mum especially – well, going over to the other side of the world even if you are 19 is still a big deal to mums 😉 Infact, although my mother has never said she has asked Jesus into her life – she has never stood in the way of Gods will in my life, she has accepted it, and I pray that God will remember her and that she will come to know Jesus, I already know his love for her, I pray that she will too.)

The second time God provided was quite extraordinary. I knew this time I was moving in obedience to Gods will. This was different from the first time, because I didn’t realise I was moving in obedience, I was moving by desire. Two different things.

This was the time when I moved to Horsham to go to Kingdom Faith. I was at a christian camp for the week, and there was a meeting talking about the Bible college there – in the meeting, the question was asked for people to put their hands up who believed God was telling them to go to the college.

Well, God hadn’t told me that at that time that I knew of, so of course, I didn’t put my hand up, now, the next thing that happened, really made no sense, the person said, just because you put your hand up, it doesn’t mean you will be coming.

So I thought to myself, “well, that sounds safe enough”, so I put my hand up – why I did that I don’t know (well, I do now) because I didn’t think for a minute I was going, so it didn’t make sense, but as soon as I put my hand up, The Holy Spirit confirmed to me that I was right to put my hand up. From that moment, things just went totally out of my hands.

The person said for those that put their hands up to take an application form, and either put it in the camp office or send it to Kingdom Faith. Well, I could not settle until I had got that form, filled it in and handed it to the camp office – I think it all must have happened within an hour. I was like a puppet on a string and I just had to do it. Once I had handed the form in and walked away from that office, I felt in control of my body again, and the first thing I thought was “What have I just done!”

Costs or how it was going to happen never even entered into my head at the time, nothing did, except to get that application form in. I was acting out of obedience yet not really knowing what I was doing sort of thing because I never got chance to even think about it – we only went to the meeting in the first place because we were bored and there wasnt anything else to do!

Well, I was accepted and once again, watched God bring in the funds. The thing was, because I knew it was God, before the money even began to come in, I said to my family, “Watch, watch the money come in, watch God provide for me”. My family were gobsmacked because they couldn’t understand why this money was coming in, but, it was a witness to them, and it was Glory to God and a testament to His provision.

You know, sometimes you switch on to when God is up to something. Just me writing this, God is building my faith for provision – he is reminding me, that I still have to ask, but I know that he hears me therefore, I already have what I am asking for. Isnt that incredible and amazing and all those other nice big up words 😀

Thank you for your provision Lord, and I know I already have it, because you have heard me, you were just waiting for me to ask.